Panotec Automation:
Discover Panotec solutions related to the packaging of furniture and furniture accessories.

Do you work in the furniture industry? Find out more about how to automate your packaging process. Do you want to learn more about the benefits of automating your packaging process? Attend our webinars and talk to our specialists.

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If you are the owner of a big company, a logistic or production manager, or operations manager, and you want to optimize the packaging processes, we will present you the Systems designed by Panotec during our online meetings.

We scheduled three appointments to introduce the solutions we offer for all issues related to the packaging of assembled and disassembled furniture, and furniture accessories with live demos and references.

We have patented customized packaging systems and we would like them to become a strategic asset for our customers.


  • Who are Panotec and Panotec Automation
  • Companies and Packaging: doubts and issues
  • The Advantages of Panotec Systems
  • Demo Video: how the system works
  • Case Studies
  • Q&A

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"Panotec Automation: Discover Panotec solutions related to the packaging of furniture and furniture accessories."

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Panotec, more than 30 years of experience at your service

We are the first company to have designed and patented a machine for the production of customized cardboard boxes "just in time", thus becoming the pioneers in this industry.

For years we have focused on our customers and on our values , tradition and experience and created industrial machinery entirely designed and assembled in Italy.

Thanks to the competent skills of our Italian engineers, we are able to create complete systems for any type of need and level of automation.

We are partners of many global companies, thanks to quality, reliability and experience in knowing how to design the best solutions together.